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POOLOTTO is a game that is part of the BITGOALS Eco System

Sports and Gaming economy using blockchain — BITGOALS. BITGOALS was created by a team of veteran entrepreneurs from the sports and gaming industries, who joined forces in order to create one of the largest, most all-encompassing projects in the sports, gaming and crypto worlds. Each of the team members brought his or her own experience, ideas and passions to the project, creating the unique and ambitious combination you see today. What Is the BITGOALS Team Planning to Do?

We aim to create the largest sports community to ever exist, including sports fans from all fields that exists today or will exist in the future. We also aim to create the ultimate currency, which will be used in sports and gaming sites on the web. Together, we can create all of this and more.


There are many sports betting services, but none matches up to BITGOALS. None of them offers a united community, a solution that will affect current sports platforms, and a solution that will serve as a currency for sports and gaming services and products. And none of those other services has a team that stands behind many projects and possesses the experience and knowledge to create the ultimate sports and gaming experience — BITGOALS.

About Us

We are a group of technology entrepreneurs with expertise and many years of experience in the worlds of sports and gaming, and with great love and passion for sports.

We identified a need in the online gaming and sports market, to create a gaming experience that is different, social, exciting, and transparent for all members of the community. For this purpose, we established, together with the community, an innovative social gaming product. This is the first project that we developed. In its tracks we developed a series of other products that are already running successfully — and more products are coming soon.

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