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About Poolotto

Poolotto is a social lottery

Poolotto was created by a team of entrepreneurs with extensive experience and expertise in the sports and gaming industries.

We identified a need in the sports and gaming market to establish a dynamic, social, uniform, transparent and easy to use Eco System.

Exciting and Fun — Our goal is to provide a social-community gaming response to this need, in a dynamic transparent way — to benefit all sports fans.

Using smart contracts based on blockchain technology enables transparency and reliability.

We joined forces in order to create one of the largest, most all-encompassing projects in the sports, gaming and crypto worlds.

Each team member brought his own experience, ideas and passions to the project, creating the unique and ambitious combination that you see today.


Poolotto is a social lotto game.

Unlike in traditional lottery games, in POOLOTTO, the prize is dynamic, depending on users' activities. The users are the “house,” and the prize is divided among the winners.

The users bet on a number from 1 to 10

In each round there is a winning number!

The odds of winning are dynamic and social. They change only depending on users' activities, without any third party intervention. This is done through smart contracts on the blockchain network.

In real time, the user can see the amount of the possible winnings and odds of winning — If the user bets and selects the winning number.

The total money in the jackpot is split among all those who selected the winning number.

What is your lucky number?


Social, dynamic, fun and transparent gaming products.

We offer a social, exciting, transparent and dynamic experience to the user community.

So what makes it so special?

We joined one of the most advanced technologies that exist today, along with the expertise of the POOLOTTO team to create a unique, dynamic, innovative and exciting social product.

  • Social

    POOLOTTO was developed by sports and gaming fans for the sports and gaming community.

    POOLOTTO — is a social, fun and exciting game in which the odds of winning are created by the activity of the user community — without any third party intervention. The money in the jackpot is distributed among all those who selected the correct number.

  • Transparency

    What you see is what you get. We use smart contracts, so every player knows exactly what they are getting into. Users know exactly what the value of the prize is. Every action affects the amount of money in the jackpot and the odds of winning dynamically and immediately.

    Every action is carried out in a way that is transparent and clear to all members of the community.

    The information is available, transparent and clear to all members of the community and easy to access.

  • Fairness

    POOLOTTO uses smart contracts on the blockchain network, without any third party involvement, and with no fine print.

    The bets on POOLOTTO are only among the members of the user community — without any third party involvement.

    The only thing left to do is to enjoy the fun and get what you deserve.

  • Fast and Easy

    Smart contracts mean automatic and instant payouts.

    A quick, easy-going and fun game.

    There is a winner for every round.

    Did you select the winning number?

    Congratulations! You get your prize. Simple as that.

    You can always check the status of your bets through My bets

    How do you play?

    • Register
    • Select a number from 1 to 10 — you can also choose automatic selection
    • Place a bet for your desired bet amount. There is a winning number for each round.

    Good Luck!!!

  • Professionalism

    POOLOTTO was created by a team of people who specialize in the sports world, and who have great love and passion for the world of sports and gaming.

  • Liquidity

    When you earn your STP, you can use it instantly. There are no holdouts, no preconditions, and no fine print. Just your prize earnings.

  • Better Odds

    Due to the fact that the house is not involved, the stakes can be placed towards the players themselves. In ed only on user activity.