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Poolotto — Social Pool Lottery Game

Make real money using your lucky numbers!

Select the right number between 1-10
You can select as many numbers as you want until the end of the game to boost your chances
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How it works?

The user selects a number from 1 to 10 Unlike in traditional lottery games, in POOLOTTO the prize is dynamic and the viability of selecting a specific number varies according to user activity. This allows the user to choose a number accordingly.

In every drawing, there is a winning number

The odds of winning are 1 to 10

The viability of any number varies in real time and is transparent to all users. The size of the prize is dynamic. It depends on user activity. The total amount of money in the pool is split among all of those who selected the correct number

Select the right number — and win!

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    to your account
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    Choose your number (1-10)
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    If you selected the winning number — you win